And The Deputy Governor of Nairobi Is…..


Annah Nyokabi Gathecha the former Women Rep of Kiambu will be the Deputy Governor of Nairobi if the Governor Sonko listens to the voice of the people.Women especially have been begging and lobbying the Governor to pick a woman and that woman should be Annah Nyokabi Gathecha. Today 500 women at Uhuru Park met and said that her track record and her nationalistic approach to issues makes her the best candidate for that job.

When she was elected in Kiambu she gave out her first three months’ salary to charity. Annah Gathecha prides herself of starting the Kiambu Women Sacco that has attracted over 5000 members. She laid plans to help women groups embark on dairy, poultry and vegetable farming with an eye for the international market.

She ensured that every public school in Kiambu with a special unit was equipped,supported churches,built a multi-purpose ultra modern center in Kiambu,mentored young people and took over 2,000 of youths in Kiambu for training in Technical and Vocational Institutes.

When Sonko was Campaigning he did so on a platform of working with a deputy who is a professional and Annah meets that Bill very perfectly.Before her entry into politics she worked very hard in the corporate world both in Kenya and in Canada.The fact that she understands politics and also the  corporate world (management and working in Intercultural setups) positions her as the perfect candidate to deputize Mike Sonko.

Hon Annah is compassionate,humble and a believer in equality and is results oriented.She studied in Kenya for her primary and high school education and pursued her Undergraduate studies at NewYork University and Post Graduate studies at seneca college.

Her Quotes Include:

2013: This country is moving towards Vision 2030 and we are saying that we are a digital economy. If that is the case, we need to start harmonizing all that bio-data. We have all our photographs in our national IDs, but we are not able to get any criminal who engage in any criminal activity with that information. That is because we are unable to centralize that data.

2015: “People sell illicit brews and second-generation drinks that do tremendous harm to the revenue of this country because the youth have been rendered ineffective. They are individuals who engage in crime just to get the Sh50 to ensure that they got a hit which made them unproductive. Take a look at the impact of illicit brews in the country, it causes 94 deaths a year”.

Mike Sonko is set to unveil the candidate to deputize him and that candidate is most likely to be Annah Nyokabi Gathecha.A win for Annah is a win for women,men,youth and a win for children in Kenya.



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