26 Things I Have Learned By My 26th Birthday

I have been around planet earth for the past 26 years and I do not take it for granted. I’m not a big birthday person (Or maybe I do not like the idea of getting older) but I do not think it is a bad idea to reflect.
Before I go any further should you read this and probably feel encouraged and touched kindly drop me an email (servantwanja@gmail.com) and I will tell you how you can partner with me to make the lives of girls like me better. A project I will be working so hard on this year.
26 reflections for the 26 years I have been around:
1.Pity parties are the worst kind of parties
2.What energy do I entertain?
Energy rubs. Negative energy rubs and so does positive energy. I have been very particular and deliberate about the sort of energy I entertain in my life. I run away from negative energy because I do not want it to rub on me. I keep it positive all the time.
3.Fear is real. But so is courage
What do I feed? Fear or courage? I have decided to give courage the front seat in my life.
4.Bring others up with you
Forward the opportunities and the emails to your networks. You cannot be everywhere. In the end you gain other than lose.
5.Walk and talk with a Conviction
People will wonder what you are up to and they will invite you to their lives.
6.Your body sacred
Work hard on your body. Take water. Buy yourself the nice things for yourself. It is all you have anyways. Not forgetting self-care.
7.Be accountable
Been struggling with this but hey I am learning to keep promises and commitments.
I have met frogs in my love adventures. I have met assholes. But I have also met nice guys. My two cents advise is:better remain single than the wrong guy. Also as a woman the most important decision in career and life is who you marry so better wait and be deliberate and sure who you are with. Better a broken relationship than a broken marriage.
9.Do not give up
As long as I am alive and kicking, I will have resolved not to give up in life.
10.People will talk to you how you let them
I am firm. I respect and expect to be respected.
11.When people mock, tease, or talk bad about you, its 99.9% of the time out of jealousy. Try to love them anyways. Maybe you’re the only person who ever has.
People are so love deprived in life. They hate you because they probably because they wish they were half of what you are. Love them but avoid them.
12.You can’t do everything and you can’t be everywhere
You weren’t made to do everything. Recognizing that will liberate your life. And also you can’t turn up to every place you are invited. You also cannot answer all phone calls or messages.
13.Forgive yourself and forgive others
It is up to you if you want to forget or not.
14.Slow down
I enjoy now. This very moment
15.Paths cross for a reason
Everything happens and everyone you meet is for a reason
16.Invest in and Investigate your emotions
When you are touched by words, keep them close.
17.Being who you are is not an empty statement.
It’s a concrete call for action
18.Make a move
19.Rejection helps you become who you are
I have been rejected many times. Looking back I think the experiences have shaped my world view and who I welcome in my life.
20.Waiting and working are sometimes the only way
The really big dreams we want in life are a mix of work and waiting. Desiring to fall in love with the right partner? Takes time and patience. Interested in a graduate degree? Better get down to business. I’ve learned that endurance in personal and professional life is a tug of war between working and waiting. And being. Being in close contact with others, God and ourselves.
21.Religion is different from spirituality
Here is the thing. Religion and spirituality are two different things .Very distinct. It like death and sleep.
People are only comfortable when you are in the same level or worse of than them. When you are better they rarely are happy for you.Be keen on who does not clap when you win
23.You just cannot be a doormat
People will always want to take things from you…avoid those who love to receive but never to give.
24.Family is important
All families have issues but just know that family is important.
25.Be authentic
Be the best version of you.
Endeavoring to live a purpose driven life.
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