Sarah Brown is our #WCW





So today is Wednesday and we are Crushing on Sarah Brown.Like many other First ladies or spouses of prominent politicians,the mention of their name is mostly through association i.e Wife to so and so.

Sarah set herself apart.She seized the opportunity at Downing street to champion for causes that are still touching the “least and littlest” across the world years after leaving Door no 10.Touching those at margins of society like traumatized kids in Syria through education and so on.

She is a British campaigner for global health and education, founder and president of Their world, a children’s charity, the Executive Chair of the Global Business Coalition for Education and the co-founder of A World at School.She was a founding partner of Hobsbawm Macaulay Communications, a public relations company.

She recently launched a series called Better Angels -consisting of 30-40 minute programmes dedicated to helping create real change in the world.

“Throughout my life I have always been intrigued by what makes people take a stand or do something different.Now I hope to share some of those experiences.

I would love others to learn from these inspirational people and their better angels and begin to figure out new ways for everyone to have the chance to have enough to eat and to be safe, to access the means to learn and to work but most of all to have hope, opportunity and a brighter future”,she opines

“We all have a ‘better angel’. Some get to show theirs on a global stage,others in their local community. They all matter. We can all make a difference.

Thanks Sarah for inspiring the world.

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