As pure as a mother’s love

Moms are bae.Fact.Their love is so pure and genuine and they don’t mind going the extra mile.”Anything for my baby”,they say.

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When Marty O’Cannor finished his undergrad in 2012,he was sure that he would start his graduate school almost immediately.Then he fell down a flight of stairs and shit happened.He became quadriplegic.

His mom helped him to enrol for MBA and what’s even more,she attended every single class with him and took notes on his behalf.During the graduation ceremony the former elementary teacher wheeled his son with great pride.

Then the announcer took a moment of silence and called a special “individual” for a honorary MBA.Marty’s mom.He almost chocked narrating how the mom had his son’s back and her sacrifice to see him through.She was overwhelmed and clearly surprised.

Yes,both the mom and the son got their MBA from Chapman University on the same day.

Moms,especially those with special needs children go a long way and sacrifice a lot for them but somehow the universe finds a way to reward them.

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