Wa Iria’s One Cow,One home is a commendable project

Yesterday I had a chance to listen and interact with Governor Mwangi Wa Iria on a one on one basis as well and to listen to him speak about the “One Cow,one home” project.Obviously this project has been politicized but as a socio economist I liked this idea and in fact if asked it should be replicated elsewhere.Here is a group of people across the county who are marginalized and poor.In a rural set up where owning a dairy cow is a sign of prestige and well being,meaning they lack it by virtue of being poor.

Mwangi Wa Iria
Then comes a Governor who raises money from well-wishers and the community decides who among them is more deserving and that household gets a heifer and automatically joins the county cooperative meaning that their milk has a ready market.Leading obviously to a steady monthly income from the milk but also leading to healthy families.More Or less a local solution to a local problem and at the same time restoring dignity to the orphans,pwds and the poor widows.Politics aside;this program is commendable and proves that Wa Iria cares about the least,the little and the littlest.And that is the hallmark of revolutionary devolution.
Hummingbird Opinion by Wanja Maina.

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  1. The program is indeed commendable as it is fighting a major problem/challenge that kenyans have grappled with since independence. “Kahora kahora”

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