10 Times UhuRuto Advocated For The Rights Of The Disabled in Kenya

When The president and the first lady visited a special school in Thika and spoke of curriculum reforms he was considering for students with disabilities
When The president enjoyed and appreciated a performance by a special students school.The performance touched on the land question in Kenya.

When the President sponsored a young man to pursue his high school education in the wings to fly project
When DP Ruto said those to benefit from the National Social Safety Nets Programme are elderly and needy persons living with disabilities

Snacks and surprise visit to a special school
When the president Named Dr Sankok a shujaa.In his words: “Kenyans of courage and learning, like David Ole Sankok, who overcame his disability to study medicine, and who now leads the fight for the rights of Kenyans living with disability.”
When the President and His deputy appointed the first Permanent Secretary with a disability called PS Mukobe who serves in the Ministry of Devolution.

When the DP weighed in the debate of the rights of those with disabilities especially Albinos and condemned ritual killings

When Samuel Muchai was name a hero by the president during Mashujaa Day.He who brought home 2 gold medals

When a Politician with a disability who is youthful and a woman was invited to speak during the Jubilee convention

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