Dennis Itumbi Claps Back At A Guy Who Asked Him When He Is Going To Marry


For those who don’t know who Dennis Itumbi is I will not even bother to tell you who he is.Anyways sometimes he runs a segment in his page called “Ask. I will try to answer….” and people ask all manner of questions.

So today some guys asked him when he is going to marry.Actually many do but this one even seems to know the bride:

Carlson Peter Mukhanji Unaoa Jacky maribe lini???

Dennis in his usual sarcasm and clap back mode answered him very well

Dennis Itumbi Ile siku utasema. Because inaonekana ushasema tunadate na sasa tunafaa kuona. So wewe ndio kusema…

Nice one lol.

And The Deputy Governor of Nairobi Is…..


Annah Nyokabi Gathecha the former Women Rep of Kiambu will be the Deputy Governor of Nairobi if the Governor Sonko listens to the voice of the people.Women especially have been begging and lobbying the Governor to pick a woman and that woman should be Annah Nyokabi Gathecha. Today 500 women at Uhuru Park met and said that her track record and her nationalistic approach to issues makes her the best candidate for that job.

When she was elected in Kiambu she gave out her first three months’ salary to charity. Annah Gathecha prides herself of starting the Kiambu Women Sacco that has attracted over 5000 members. She laid plans to help women groups embark on dairy, poultry and vegetable farming with an eye for the international market.

She ensured that every public school in Kiambu with a special unit was equipped,supported churches,built a multi-purpose ultra modern center in Kiambu,mentored young people and took over 2,000 of youths in Kiambu for training in Technical and Vocational Institutes.

When Sonko was Campaigning he did so on a platform of working with a deputy who is a professional and Annah meets that Bill very perfectly.Before her entry into politics she worked very hard in the corporate world both in Kenya and in Canada.The fact that she understands politics and also the  corporate world (management and working in Intercultural setups) positions her as the perfect candidate to deputize Mike Sonko.

Hon Annah is compassionate,humble and a believer in equality and is results oriented.She studied in Kenya for her primary and high school education and pursued her Undergraduate studies at NewYork University and Post Graduate studies at seneca college.

Her Quotes Include:

2013: This country is moving towards Vision 2030 and we are saying that we are a digital economy. If that is the case, we need to start harmonizing all that bio-data. We have all our photographs in our national IDs, but we are not able to get any criminal who engage in any criminal activity with that information. That is because we are unable to centralize that data.

2015: “People sell illicit brews and second-generation drinks that do tremendous harm to the revenue of this country because the youth have been rendered ineffective. They are individuals who engage in crime just to get the Sh50 to ensure that they got a hit which made them unproductive. Take a look at the impact of illicit brews in the country, it causes 94 deaths a year”.

Mike Sonko is set to unveil the candidate to deputize him and that candidate is most likely to be Annah Nyokabi Gathecha.A win for Annah is a win for women,men,youth and a win for children in Kenya.



26 Things I Have Learned By My 26th Birthday

I have been around planet earth for the past 26 years and I do not take it for granted. I’m not a big birthday person (Or maybe I do not like the idea of getting older) but I do not think it is a bad idea to reflect.
Before I go any further should you read this and probably feel encouraged and touched kindly drop me an email ( and I will tell you how you can partner with me to make the lives of girls like me better. A project I will be working so hard on this year.
26 reflections for the 26 years I have been around:
1.Pity parties are the worst kind of parties
2.What energy do I entertain?
Energy rubs. Negative energy rubs and so does positive energy. I have been very particular and deliberate about the sort of energy I entertain in my life. I run away from negative energy because I do not want it to rub on me. I keep it positive all the time.
3.Fear is real. But so is courage
What do I feed? Fear or courage? I have decided to give courage the front seat in my life.
4.Bring others up with you
Forward the opportunities and the emails to your networks. You cannot be everywhere. In the end you gain other than lose.
5.Walk and talk with a Conviction
People will wonder what you are up to and they will invite you to their lives.
6.Your body sacred
Work hard on your body. Take water. Buy yourself the nice things for yourself. It is all you have anyways. Not forgetting self-care.
7.Be accountable
Been struggling with this but hey I am learning to keep promises and commitments.
I have met frogs in my love adventures. I have met assholes. But I have also met nice guys. My two cents advise is:better remain single than the wrong guy. Also as a woman the most important decision in career and life is who you marry so better wait and be deliberate and sure who you are with. Better a broken relationship than a broken marriage.
9.Do not give up
As long as I am alive and kicking, I will have resolved not to give up in life.
10.People will talk to you how you let them
I am firm. I respect and expect to be respected.
11.When people mock, tease, or talk bad about you, its 99.9% of the time out of jealousy. Try to love them anyways. Maybe you’re the only person who ever has.
People are so love deprived in life. They hate you because they probably because they wish they were half of what you are. Love them but avoid them.
12.You can’t do everything and you can’t be everywhere
You weren’t made to do everything. Recognizing that will liberate your life. And also you can’t turn up to every place you are invited. You also cannot answer all phone calls or messages.
13.Forgive yourself and forgive others
It is up to you if you want to forget or not.
14.Slow down
I enjoy now. This very moment
15.Paths cross for a reason
Everything happens and everyone you meet is for a reason
16.Invest in and Investigate your emotions
When you are touched by words, keep them close.
17.Being who you are is not an empty statement.
It’s a concrete call for action
18.Make a move
19.Rejection helps you become who you are
I have been rejected many times. Looking back I think the experiences have shaped my world view and who I welcome in my life.
20.Waiting and working are sometimes the only way
The really big dreams we want in life are a mix of work and waiting. Desiring to fall in love with the right partner? Takes time and patience. Interested in a graduate degree? Better get down to business. I’ve learned that endurance in personal and professional life is a tug of war between working and waiting. And being. Being in close contact with others, God and ourselves.
21.Religion is different from spirituality
Here is the thing. Religion and spirituality are two different things .Very distinct. It like death and sleep.
People are only comfortable when you are in the same level or worse of than them. When you are better they rarely are happy for you.Be keen on who does not clap when you win
23.You just cannot be a doormat
People will always want to take things from you…avoid those who love to receive but never to give.
24.Family is important
All families have issues but just know that family is important.
25.Be authentic
Be the best version of you.
Endeavoring to live a purpose driven life.
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My mom gave me her liver

My mom gave me her liver!

You would not believe that these two pictures of Anthony were taken exactly one year apart,2016 and 2017.

“Today marks one year since my liver transplant.Last year a day like today I underwent a surgery that took more than 15 hours. I know it was by the hand of God that I survived it”,he wrote on Facebook

The doctors were really shocked that he was able to walk.”You gave me a scare young man you should be really grateful to God”,Remarked one doctor.

He is forever grateful to his mom for donating part of her liver to him and considers his new lease of life as a “rebirth”.

Moms deserve a standing ovation actually.

Picture credit:Anthony

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Grace Wambere:The Queen of Mitumba Clothing


“On this day I delivered tops to a lady along State House road.She had seen them on my Shop’s (Collection D’Elegance) Facebook page.

I was excited because I had just started out.Guess what,when she saw them,she sneered and said they looked cheap.Never took any.I was so discouraged that I wanted to quit that very day.”,She remembers

We visited her busy shop along Moi Avenue.It was so busy that we had to cut the interview short and postponed it only to come another day to finish it up.

For her to own a shop at the heart of Nairobi town is no mean fit especially because she started with only 2000 bob as capital back in 2013.

Second hand clothes are looked down upon,people will not take your seriously.Sometimes the “veterans” in the market are so secretive about where they source their bails.

Competition is cut throat.But at a young age she was introduced to business by the mom and she knew she was cut out for it.”learnt from the best through apprenticeship”

And she tried quite a number of businesses before she settled on Mitumba clothes.”I did farming,I sold China sourced household items,opened a graphics design services shop,but still clothes were my thing”,She tells us.

Not so long ago she was born in a family of three.Being the eldest,she learnt to be ambitious and to act fast.”First born are hustlers”,she says.

Her mother was a tailor.She didn’t see a point in closing her Kibanda when going to other towns to sell on market days.

She would leave Grace to stand in for her.Her fondest memory of bargaining,selling and persuading customers were made there.

In High school,she would go with bikers and tops.She sold to her fellow students and that’s how she made her pocket money.

As a bright student,after high school she went to Germany to pursue higher education.She is seasoned graphic designer but “IT was not her thing”.She stayed abroad for 8 years but was sure that she wanted To go back home.

Who leaves Europe to come and sell Mitumba clothing?Grace is the answer.Initially her parents were not as supportive.But she wanted her freedom as much as she wanted to work for flexible hours.

Sometimes last years she would take women to Gikomba Market and take them around and show them how to shop and where.She had learnt the ropes….

“The challenges I went through made me feel like helping women who are starting out.I did not know that a bail has first camera,second camera and third camera.The costing is different for each and that is where most starters go wrong”,says Grace

After leaving Europe around 2011 I was transitioning back home.My husband and I were expecting a baby in 2013 and I participated in the Baby Banda competition.

Pregnant ladies were admiring my maternity tops and soon I would sell to them.I started with 2,000 bob and since then I never looked back despite challenges.

When I got my baby people would admire how he had cute outfits and so they started asking me for baby clothes.By then I didn’t have a shop and our family car boot was my duka.

“I believe in starting small”,she says.Steadily she would register her business and the internet helped a big deal.I would get orders online and from word of mouth and referrals.

When she started,she sold clothes in pieces but now she sells bails as well.I supply across Kenya and work with riders to deliver to different courier services who in return deliver to customers.

For Grace running the shop is actually empowerment.”Women should get out of the house and hustle.No amount is too small to start off”,she says.She helps women with market tips as well because she learnt the hard way when she begun.

The internet being a powerful tool,she started a Facebook page called “Mitumba Chap Chap” a place where vendors and buyers are under one roof.With over 50,000 members,the group offers a platform for trade.

The wife and mother of two is passionate about economic empowerment of women.She believes that cases of violence could be lower if women were also engaging in income generating activities.

“Mitumba business is sexy and has good returns”,she concludes.

Editors Note:
Grace is among thousands of well educated and youthful women who are choosing to be in the blue collar jobs that were otherwise looked down upon a few years back.

She is based on Moi Avenue, Bluebells exhibition next to sonford opposite the bazaar shop no 24 and her contacts are 0722861191/0739477295

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I will always be grateful to my sister for saving my life

Imagine this,you are 25,with all the energies of a youth,working as an industrial engineer and everything is just fine for you.An ailment strikes and before everything makes sense,you are in India awaiting a kidney transplant.

That is the story of Joab Wako who narrated to us his experiences and how his sister Selina Wako was more than willing to save his life.

Joab and Selina are recovering well post-transplant and he is writing a book to demystify transplants especially among the young people.

It is a long read but very informative.Here we go:

Q.Tell us about your ailment and how it got to the point of going to India

I lived with End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) otherwise known as Kidney Failure. I found out in 2015 my kidneys were failing, and by the time I was diagnosed, it was so advanced I was immediately put on dialysis.

Kidney disease is a silent killer, and few people are aware they have it until it is too late. In my case, doctors couldn’t pick point what exactly led to my Kidney Failure, so they pinned it on uncontrolled hypertension (as it is one of the most common causes of kidney failure).

I remained on dialysis for a year and a half. During that period I continued to work full-time to support myself as we organized a kidney transplant.

All this occurred when I was in the US where the price of a transplant is exorbitant. As a result, our family decided on India because they have the expertise at a fraction of the cost.

Q.How was the relationship with your sister when growing up?

I’ve always been close to my sister. She is my older sister, and we have two older siblings (I’m the youngest).

We grew up playing together, so she is in most of my fondest memories. She was my best friend before Kidney Failure, and now she is even more than words can describe.

Q.How was it decided that she would donor and how was the conversation like?

Lucky for me, my sister was one of the first to tell me in person that she wanted to be a potential donor; so it was an easy conversation.

She is an action person and quickly got tested to see if she was a match. Luckily we are the same blood group (one of the most important requirements), but we weren’t a HLA (Human Leukocyte Antigen) match like most transplant donor/recipient pairs.

I learnt that as long as the recipient doesn’t have any antibodies that target the donors antibodies, the transplant can proceed.

Q.What did your parents say?

My parents have always been supportive about the whole process. However, the medical teams were worried because my sister is young and not yet married.

Apparently some men are so superficial they wouldn’t marry a woman with scars from a transplant. Gladly that was not the case for my sister.

Q.So you go through the process and you are now in India.How was the experience

India was an eye-opening experience. In the medical field, they are very advanced.

If you find a good doctor and hospital, the treatment a patient will receive is world class. However, like anything else, medical tourism has become a market.

Therefore, there are people whose primary objective is to make money. Make sure to do research on every doctor and surgeon, plus know the hospitals record on dealing with your particular ailment.Our procedures were very successful.

Q.How’s the post transplant recovery like 6 months down the line?

Post transplant is more about the medication.We take immunosuppressants, hypertension medicine, and a couple of supplements.

Q.Any advise to people who have had a transplant?

Be disciplined and keep track of your progress with your nephrologist.

Q.How are you two recovering?

Of course we feel a lot better physically, and it is something I don’t take for granted anymore. Getting out of bed with energy is truly a present. So use it wisely.

Q.What’s the relationship with your sister like now?

Words can’t describe how special she is to me. Now that I have her kidney, it makes me respect her even more than I did before.

She went through a surgery she didn’t require to save my life. There are selfless people on this earth, and then there are donors.

I believe donors have what is known as sacrificial love, where they are ready to sacrifice themselves in the hope of saving someone they love.

Q.Any advice to guys in the process receiving a transplant?
Patience, patience, patience…Throughout the process there will be bumps, potholes, punctures and even breakdowns.. Be patient and don’t give up.

Sometimes the best way somewhere isn’t the fastest. Take each day as it comes, enjoy the process and the fact you have someone who cares enough to donate to you.

Q.Tell us about the your the book in the works and your website

The book focuses on my experience from kidney failure to a kidney transplant. I want it to serve as a guide for younger people with this condition.

Hopefully in the next couple of months I’ll have a complete manuscript that I can take to a publisher. The website started as a blog of my day to day life on dialysis, now I am in the process of upgrading it to deal with transplants in general.

From my research, non-communicable diseases don’t collectively have a platform here. In Kenya we mostly hear of Cancer and Cardiovascular; Kidney, and Liver maybe on their respective months or world days.

This needs to change, as most non-communicable diseases are chronic and very expensive. We definitely need support.

Parting Shot? I love philosophy, so I’m going to quote a philosopher.
”The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.’- Socrates .Let’s build a Kenya with affordable world-class health care.


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Interview by Wanja

The Story of The Hummingbird

Once upon a time, not so long ago, and maybe not even so far away from where you live now, there lived many animals in a deep, green forest.And they lived in relative harmony, except when one animal was eaten by another animal as sometimes happens in a deep, green forest. But that was appreciated as the story of life and death. And the continuation of life.
And in the cycle of things, as they are and as they are meant to be, there was equanimity and peace…
Until one day, a fire raged and raged in the deep, green forest.And all the animals gave chase or took flight to try and save themselves from the inferno.While running away they felt huge despair at the thought of what they were leaving behind… their only home.
When they reached a safe distance some of the animals stopped to look at the raging fire, and noticed a small spot of red in the blue sky, circling back and forth, from a clear, cool lake to the blazing, burning forest.What was it? It was the red-throated hummingbird. And in her beak she ferried a few small drops of water to try to stop the fire. She flew back and forth, and back and forth, and back and forth again.
The animals below looked up in amazement. The lion looked up, the elephant, the badger and the bear. They all looked up at the red-throated hummingbird in disbelief.
And the lion roared: “Red-throated hummingbird, what do you think YOU are doing up there with your one drop of water?”Undeterred by the impossibility of it all, the little hummingbird said: “I am doing the best I can.”

Sarah Brown is our #WCW





So today is Wednesday and we are Crushing on Sarah Brown.Like many other First ladies or spouses of prominent politicians,the mention of their name is mostly through association i.e Wife to so and so.

Sarah set herself apart.She seized the opportunity at Downing street to champion for causes that are still touching the “least and littlest” across the world years after leaving Door no 10.Touching those at margins of society like traumatized kids in Syria through education and so on.

She is a British campaigner for global health and education, founder and president of Their world, a children’s charity, the Executive Chair of the Global Business Coalition for Education and the co-founder of A World at School.She was a founding partner of Hobsbawm Macaulay Communications, a public relations company.

She recently launched a series called Better Angels -consisting of 30-40 minute programmes dedicated to helping create real change in the world.

“Throughout my life I have always been intrigued by what makes people take a stand or do something different.Now I hope to share some of those experiences.

I would love others to learn from these inspirational people and their better angels and begin to figure out new ways for everyone to have the chance to have enough to eat and to be safe, to access the means to learn and to work but most of all to have hope, opportunity and a brighter future”,she opines

“We all have a ‘better angel’. Some get to show theirs on a global stage,others in their local community. They all matter. We can all make a difference.

Thanks Sarah for inspiring the world.

The Proud African Housegirl

From Kenya to Germany

When the bus from Kakamega approached its final destination Mombasa with tens of passengers,Praxidese sat timidly clinching on to her little bag carrying all her earthly possessions.

She was depressed,sad and her future was uncertain.What’s even more,she knew no one in Mombasa and she didn’t have a place to stay on arrival.But the city carried hope for a better future for her.

It is the problems and poverty in the village that pushed her to look for a better life in the big city,Mombasa.And the desire to fend for her two months old daughter.It was in 2005 and she was barely 18.

The daughter she was certainly not prepared to have.It is the nausea and the sickness in high school that made her matron suspect she was pregnant.Mind you she was in form 4 and her KCSE was around the corner.

She did her exams heavily pregnant and a week after completing the exams,she gave birth.A teenager,with a premature baby and kicked out of home by her father,she had to “woman up”.

Luckily her aunt took her in though she was absolutely poor.When she gave birth at home to a pre-term Baby they didn’t have money to take the It to hospital.They begged the doctors with the promise to pay later but they could hear none of it.

Luckily the child did not die.When the child got to two months she had to leave her behind to look for a better future.A job .And the aunt was kind enough to accept to remain behind wit h it.
She had happened to start a small chat with the lady she had sat next to in the bus .She had agreed to host her for just one night.The lady was married and lived in a single room.

The next day Praxidese had to leave and figure out what to do with herself.And that was the perfect time to test how far she could stretch.”I was confident that I would make it somehow”,she tells us.

It is when times got tough that she wished her mother was alive.She had died when she was in form 1 and maybe if she was alive,she would have consoled her.Maybe she would have helped her when she was kicked out by the father or even to help her with the baby.

She slept on benches in clubs before she was able to rent her own mud house at 8 dollars a month.She did all manner of jobs.Housegirl,washing clothes,waitress,bartender.You name it.

That way she was able to put food on her table and she managed to send money back home.In her death bed,the mother told her to take care of her siblings.Being a first born,her words rang on the back of her head every single day.

Around that time they reconciled with the father.Though not well to do,he paid for her a course in airport operations.And though she never got a job then,the course will soon be useful when she starts her new job at Frankfurt airport.

“It’s when I worked as a house girl that I realized how domestic workers are looked down upon.Insults,humiliation,physical abuse.I am proud of my past and that is why I call myself “The proud African house-girl”.”I use to my story to inspire others especially women”,she opines.

She tells us she kept hope alive as she was going through all this.”I always knew that my tomorrow would be better and that for anyone to get to another level he/she has to kill many giants”,she says.

Things had started looking better.She could make a little amount of money and her daughter was nourishing.The father of the daughter denied responsibility from the word go.

Love would find her by the shores of Indian Ocean one fine afternoon.It is when she met her now husband.It was love at first sight she says.It didn’t take long before he proposed,had a mega wedding and late last year she moved to Germany with him.

Since then her life has never been the same again.”My husband was my saving grace and moving to Europe has made me change my perspective on many issues.It is a land of opportunities and I have had a chance to regain my esteem and courage”.

The house-girl is now the face of Kenya Cultural Fashion Show in Germany and a business woman.And she has not forgotten her motherland.Her humble beginning.Her roots.Soon her daughter will be joining her.

She recently founded an initiative called “Black and white women and men group” to support and give hope to people and especially those at margins of society.Though it is an online platform,today she will launch it at Kafein Bistro at 2pm and she expects hundreds of her fans and people she inspires.She will also be doing a motivational talk.

Praxidese says that given a chance anyone can achieve their dreams and encourages people that delay is not denial.At a young age of 30,Praxidese has faced so much and triumphed so much that she decided to write a book.
“From Kenya to Germany” is its title.

In this book she lays bare her struggle,a succession of unfortunate events but in the end it shows the power of the human spirit determined to succeed against all odds.

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